Breast Size

Does breast size matter?

Myth: You can’t produce enough milk with small breasts.

Fact: The vast majority of women have all the ordinary nerves and tissue designed for producing plenty of milk.

Most women actually can make enough to feed twins. Breast size, shape, and race are unrelated to milk production. The variations is breast size or shape are mostly related to the amount of fatty tissue a woman has, and not the milk-making components of the breast.

A baby latched on right and having unrestricted access to the breast will prompt the breast to produce plenty of milk. Breast size doesn’t make a difference, unless you have a medically unusual situation or have had breast surgery, particularly breast reduction surgery that has removed a lot of tissue and severed nerves around the nipple. But even in circumstances like these, most women can breastfeed too, even if you do need to supplement your own milk, which you can do with a nursing supplementer device that delivers the supplement, and a lactation consultant can help you use it, so that baby gets the supplement WHILE breastfeeding.