FAQ 11. La Leche League

Q:   What is La Leche League?
A: It is a mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group with lots of meetings that are good for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to attend. At most meetings, you are welcome to bring support persons as well as your other young children who need to be near you.

The moms at LLL as it is often called, have lots of information about breastfeeding. They enjoy great breastfeeding experiences. And they are moms who can help other mothers with practical challenges, often by sharing personal experiences that worked and how they manage various parenting issues that affect their breastfeeding experiences, such as going out and taking baby along, or dealing with input from husbands or relatives, and so on.

Meetings are casual, and questions are encouraged. Many breastfeeding mothers have similar issues, such as how to manage breastfeeding in public, or what to do about sleeping or introducing solids.

At LLL, moms share what they learned and how they resolved the challenges they had. Remember, at LLL you will be surrounded by a group of women who have enjoyable, satisfying breastfeeding experiences, and that confidence and reassurance can go a long way to helping keep you informed and motivated about the many advantages of breastfeeding for not only your baby but for YOU too.

Moms learn how to satisfactorily resolve concerns or problems. And they learn that breastfeeding is not only a feeding method, but an important part of mothering that helps baby feel loved and secure.